This operation is undertaken to establish the condition of the commodity upon arrival or prior to its delivery, ascertain the extent and cause of loss and/or damage, and if probable, determine the responsible parties/bailees who may be found liable therefore. It offers to document the loss and/or damage sustained, and substantiates the claim against concerned party. For shipments in bulk, inspection includes examination for cleanliness before loading of facilities nominated for storage or transfer to prevent contamination, and dryness after discharging to ensure that the entire shipment was delivered. Hull and Condition Survey of vessels, Tank Calibration, and Cargo Checking also form part under this service.

Purposely, this particular service provides the requesting party material information and control such as handling goods per stage of transit covered by the attendance, status of operation, and identification and specifications of the product under survey thru sampling and analysis. The clients are accordingly notified of any anomalies and/or discrepancies for proper course of action.

Did you receive and/or distribute the correct quantity of the product you ordered or delivered? Are you sure of the quality of material you ordered or received conforms to your specifications? This service ensures correctness of quantity and verifies the quality recorded. The quantity and quality of products imported, exported, or locally distributed to or from concerned party are ascertained and therefore controlled.